The Soul Unleashed

A Signature Program by Ariela HaLevi


Finally Root down, Rise up and Release Your Soul Storms


The Soul Unleashed is a 5 month intensive, one on one program for women to radiantly unravel from life’s soul storms: current and past wounds from childhood; learning to love and support herself through her wounds, and trusting and using her inner guidance system and the Divine within, to cultivate a deep inner support system to handle all of life’s ups and downs.


Ariela works with you weekly, in person or through video conferencing, listening to your journey, reviewing your previous week’s Soul Work, and guiding you forward with practical tools, spiritual insights, clarity and direction.


The Soul Unleashed is designed around the Soul Storm Signature System, a unique curriculum of “Soul Work,” is utilized during your coaching sessions, as well as opportunities for you to continue your inner development on your own. This system is the cumulation of 20 years of personal and professional development, inner transformation and healing, and using her intuition and expertise to guide her client’s to unleash their souls: solidify a true inner love system and radiantly live life with joy. Soul Unleashed Work includes:

  • Soul Unleashed Journal Therapy, exploring childhood traumas and soul storm wounds

  • Supportive Guidance and Soul Unleashed Coaching to love and support yourself thru your soul storms

  • Inner Child and Nourishing Wisdom tools to learn to give yourself the love and support you didn’t get as a child

  • Reiki, Chakra Balancing and Intuitive Guidance to strengthen the energy field

  • Divine Daily Ritual Tools to support and cultivate one’s inner Divine guidance system

  • Personalized Soul Unleashed Yoga and Somatic Healing to embody and enhance spiritual intimacy

  • Eating Psychology tools for the emotional eater, and support for chronic soul storm body issues

  • Emotional Essential Oil Blend for nourishing the nervous system

  • Specialized Soul Unleashed Meditations and Visualizations to deeply heal and forgive those from the past, uncover blocks and limiting beliefs, and truly love yourself