Ariela HaLevi

Nourish your body. Open your heart.

Unleash your soul.


There’s a life you were meant to live…

A life of centeredness and joy. A life that feels like home whenever you allow yourself to imagine it.

However, there’s something standing in the way. Maybe old wounds from your past have never truly healed. Maybe you’ve spent so much time shutting your feelings down that you don’t even know what they are anymore. Or maybe life’s transitions - soul storms - have left you feeling adrift.

…and you can liberate yourself and create that life.

For 20 years, Ariela HaLevi has been has been guiding women of all ages through a blend of counseling, yoga, mindfulness practice & holistic healing. Now, she’s combined all those modalities in a powerful program designed to empower you, guide you on your healing journey, and help you unleash your soul.

The Soul Unleashed


Do you long to liberate yourself from past wounds…..

The Soul Unleashed is a journey for women at midlife who have encountered a soul storm: radiantly unraveling, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

The woman who will benefit from this program has spent the first part of her life shutting down her feelings and now longs to heal the hurt. She is hungry to release her fears, pain and numbing behaviors, such as emotional eating, poor body image, and excessive activity to cover up her pain. She yearns for a relationship with her spirit to handle the soul storms of life as a woman.

Ultimately, this journey is for the woman who longs to liberate herself from her past wounds, live the life she was meant to live, and unleash her soul to move fearlessly forward to the next chapter of life.

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Meet Ariela


Learn to unleash your soul…

Ariela HaLevi’s mission is to help women uncover their hidden emotions that block them from true health and happiness, discover their inner beauty, and unleash their souls to live in their power and share their love with the world.

For 20 years, Ariela has been guiding women of all ages through a blend of counseling, yoga, mindfulness practice & holistic healing, offering support & guidance to nourish the body, open the heart, and unleash the soul. She has personally used these modalities as tools to heal from her own particularly challenging soul storms, giving her the wisdom and experience to help others reach a place of peace and healing as well. Her array of credentials and certifications qualifies her to work with women in many different situations, stages, and walks of life.

Her signature program, “The Soul Unleashed,” is the culmination of her years of teaching, counseling, personal practice and using her intuitive skills to guide women through life’s transitions.

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